Shingle Roofing, Metal Roofing, Siding all the necessary information 


There are different types of shingle roofing.  Shingle roofing is a remedy of roofs damaged by effects of mother nature.  During summer, there are thunderstorms that ruin a roof that has previously been affected by frost, sleet and snow.  This article will discuss the various types of roof shingles available.  This is a  discussion of how to repair  them when damaged.   

There are different materials that consist of roof shingles.  Different shingles for different weather types.  Manufacturers due to the high demand from customers for updated styles have had to change to suit these needs so as to make beautiful appearances in homes.  Aesthetics is also a factor they customers consider when buying roofing shingles and having them installed.   

Types of Roof Shingles  

Asphalt Shingles

Asphalt shingles are more preferred in today's market.  Manufactured with the inorganic where fiberglass is used and organic base where they use paper.   The thick the shingle is the more it lasts.  Their durability spans between 20-30 years. 

Laminated Shingles

They have become popular, and their prices have skyrocketed.  They are manufactured in several layers and given a 3-dimensional look and from a distance look cedar shakes or slated shingles.        

In the case of metal roofing and siding, this is where your house is protected the effects of weather for a longer period.  There is considerable preference in the market lately for metal roofing and siding.   Roof panels have Wichita Siding installed in houses.  For uniformity, have the same  material for the house and the metal roofing and siding is advised. 

The metal roofing siding is the only exposed part of the roofing.  Normally they should be closed to protect the roof and make it fuller.  A good roofing calls for more investing because of the similarity in material. 
Different roofings, their disadvantages and analysis   

-   In normal metal roofing steel is one of the requirements.  Corrosion and rust are the main reasons.  Prevention can be obtained by having a zinc coating.

-   Aluminum which also the lightweight materials found in homes also.  Very light material and does not rust and can be enhanced with a coating.  

-   Metal roof siding at can also be done with copper metal though expensive.  This type of metal roofing had a reddish look, can wear out fast but a treatment to the same gives it a new look and extended lifespan. 

If in doubt seeking the expert advise of an exterior designer would help.  How to have them installed, what to expect from the climate and how to sort it out is advised.